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HyperScript 1.0
application script add-in

1 C-like simplified syntax
2 callback functions creating
3 direct memory access
4 Windows API available
5 help documentation
6 script examples

Requirements: Windows 32bit, Visual C++ 5.0 SP3

*** RELEASED 12.10.2005 ***

This tool adds script support to your application. It is based on PLC (Program Language Creator) from Adept Software, Inc. and the syntax similar to C language. It has a set of the functions supporting operations with string, array, date, file, etc. In addition, you can call Windows API, create callback procedures and access the memory directly.

Full help documentation with script examples is included with simple development & testing environment. Set of built-in function gives you basic functionality, that may be extended by your own functions. The executed script may be whole program based on functions/procedures or a simple list of statements, that counts and returns some value, for example. The list of statements is generally used for less complex processing and is provided for simplification of the script editing.

PLC, on which the HyperScript is based has the following known errors:
  • Memory leaks were detected when passing string as non-pointer argument, use pointers instead to avoid memory leaks.
  • Scope following 'else' keyword is executed always after 'else if' keyword. Do not use 'else' keyword after 'else if' keyword.

Consult on the technical support and source code availability.


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