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resources and services


1 software companies
2 development solutions
3 programs and resources
4 important services

Microsoft Visual C++
www.microsoft.com/visualc product home page
www.datamekanix.com docking technology and other development solutions
www.codeguru.com many development solutions with full source


Software Development
www.microsoft.com generic programs, tools and office products
www.adeptsoftware.com script engine and other products
www.jrsoftware.org setup maker program and other tools


Basic Utilities
www.winzip.com famous compression program
www.acdsystems.com good image viewer - fast to use
www.xnview.com viewer supporting many image formats


Important Services
www.google.com the best searching services at this time
www.tripod.com web hosting and related services
www.swreg.org credit card processing company
www.v3.com domain registration and redirection
groups.yahoo.com discussion groups of Yahoo®

Here you can find very good resources for your work. Generally, our software and services are often based on the resources available on these sites... If you know about some good site to include here, just contact us.

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