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Technical Support
consulting and engineering


Our Branch
1 supporting users of our programs
2 Visual C++ application development
3 scripts and data processing


Events Email Phone
Answer to the end-user problem 1 2
Providing end-user solution
Technical discussion
or more
or more
Application script support
Visual C++ development/open source
or more
or more

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If you use at least one of our programs, you have made a good choice. You also have possibility to use our support and consultation services not only related with our products. The support to our clients is provided at this time by email, later also by phone. You'll notice that the email support is much cheaper than support by phone, while the most important is how do you contact us first. Then, you may be called by us or asked for caling us, receive solution by email or asked for sending us other information. It won't change the billing, but the kind and complexity of the information yes. Fox example, if you have 3 points, you may obtain support three times by email or once by phone and once by email. You will obtain this standardly for free after buing basic program version.

Do you want to be a software developer? You may be supported, too. If you choosed Microsoft Visual C++ for your own application development, you've made the best choice possible. As you know, Microsoft Visual C++ is used to develop the most famous products, i.e. MS Internet Explorer, MS Office or parts of Windows and, what is the most important, also the Microsoft Visual C++ itself! Now your results will depend only on you skills and knowledge, you will not face situations like 'something is impossible' or suffer fatal errors of you development system. This cannot say any user of competitive development systems, although Visual C++ is more difficult to start, but easier to advance - you'll see.

Visual C++ makes this world better!!! If you just started or want to start, just contact us to get support! Otherwise you can use our products written in this ecxeptional development system. You'll see that there are no competition in the world market and software provided with this development system is very effective, quick, small and stable - if you want. Yes, debug tools provided are really powerfull and that's why many applications may be often used world-wide, with minimal support or direct assistance. That all makes you thinking in other way...

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