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Assembler 8051

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This project has been started in Iquique - Chile. The offer is focused to the commercial and industrial software development and technical support. As you see, the services are available in the three languages: Czech, Spanish and English.

You should visit our site at least from time to time, because you can find very usefull programs and solutions here... Generally, some software will be able to work with your old 386SX machine with 8MB RAM, if you have at least Windows 95. The recommendation is 486DX or Pentium with 16MB RAM or more. In the future, you will be able to use also your new computer with Pentium IV at 4GHz to execute difficult tasks, i.e. data encryption or complex script execution.

Visual C++ is the most important development system in the world and is used to develop our software, too. You can obtain also technical support for your own software develoment. See the rest of our pages for more information...

November 8th New Application Grid announced!
  Multi-purpose data grid is available before its official release. Contact us for more information...

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